Palladian Shelf - Support Brace for Window Treatments

Palladian Shelf Support for Window Treatments

Use the Palladian Shelf to help EXPAND your window covering installation options.

What do you mean it won’t fit?!

It is frustrating enough to find something that you like, let alone love, for a window in your home to control the light.  All the colors, fabrics, and choices…tons to think about, tons to get right!  Imagine finding the perfect solution for your windows only to find out that there is no practical place to mount the shade.  More than a little disappointing. Palladian shelves offer the answer.

“But they say its no big deal I can just end mount my treatment”

The palladian shelf allows you to put in a horizontal “top” to any opening letting you pick where a window opening starts and stops.  This allows you to use virtually any window treatment available – however you want – to enjoy the window.  Choices are great right?  Any window covering professional that is pushing you to end mount a custom window treatment that isn’t a horizontal blind or a open roller screen shade is doing you and themselves a disservice.

Large gaps and unsightly hardware could  be the name of the angle iron used. It looks DIY with all the negative connotations that you are trying to avoid by having the windows covered tastefully in the first place.  I mean you could tape up newspaper right?

Palladian shelf should be in their tool box and should be in your home.  Get the job done right.

In lieu of the ugly hardware how about a piece of wood that can look like a natural part of your home.  Tailored to the nearest 1/8 of an inch for width. Options of depths from 2 1/2″ – 4″.  1 1/2″ thick board that can be sent unfinished so you can match it to your woodwork, painted in one of our three standard paint colors or stained in one of our six premium wood stains.

Our palladian shelves are easy to install, if you plan to install the window coverings yourself. Or, if you are contracting the work out with the purchase of your window coverings, make sure to tell them you don’t want a cheap and ugly fix! No unsightly angle irons for you! Send them to us for a natural looking alternative that will not only make the installation of your top-mounted window coverings much easier for them, but will leave you with a seamless and beautifully complete window treatment that you can enjoy without compromise!


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