Broaden Your Floor To Ceiling Window Covering Options With Palladian Shelves

April 27, 2016 2

Are you looking for ways to cover your floor to ceiling window without destroying your view? Large windows have a tendency to limit your options when it comes to window coverings - even worse, they have a tendency to limit functionality in controlling your view and incoming light. Our Solution? Palladian Shelves! Installing palladian shelves at key areas on your floor to ceiling window allows you to essentially break them up so that you have more options of control without losing your view.

Increased Light Control


Instead of having one large shade or blind covering your floor to ceiling window, you can have several - giving you the ability to control more exactly the amount of light coming in. Let’s say you install three palladian shelves - like in the image above - you now have the ability to raise/lower or open/shut your window coverings in four separate areas to give you the ultimate in lighting control while still maintaining that fabulous view. Add the motorized operating system to your window coverings for even more control at the push of a button!

  Stunning Design


The use of palladian shelves on your floor to ceiling window, will give you the ability to add clean lines to showcase your windows with style. They help to break up the window into sections so it doesn’t just look like one large shade or blind, but several, giving you the ability to customize and enhance your decor. The palladian shelves can be used seamlessly with any window blind, shade or shutter and can be painted/stained to match your window casing or window treatments for a consistent, harmonious look.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the size of your floor to ceiling window. Use palladian shelves to break them up into more manageable areas while still maintaining your view and increasing your functionality. Your window treatments are a reflection of your personality and complete the decor of any space - palladian shelves give you the ability to customize even the largest window to suite your own style and adds elegance and sophistication without destroying the beauty of your view. Order yours today!

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