Blinds, Shades - Anything to cover my Palladium window!

April 06, 2016 2

Blinds, Shades, and Palladium Windows OH MY!

Palladium windows.  Such a lovely architectural element to any home.  That is until you need to cover them with a blind, shade or any type of window covering.  Plantation shutters can cover them, but with a long lead time and hefty price tag it might not fit into everyone's budget.  So what do you do for your palladium window that needs a blind or shade?  You break that opening into manageable pieces with Palladian shelves.

What is a Palladian shelf and why does my Palladium window need one?

It would be nice if every detail of your home was thought out for your needs and how you like to enjoy your space.  That is seldom the case and we often need to tailor our homes to meet our needs.  Palladian shelves allow you to tailor blinds or shades to your palladium window.  It creates a break in the window - matching the casement so that it looks like a natural part of the window - allowing you to mount a blind or shade from the shelf itself and control the light on your palladium window they way you want.

Well, I can just use angle iron to end mount the brackets.

You can.  You could also just cover the window in aluminum foil to block the light.  Both are effective.  Both share the same aesthetics for style.  Palladian shelves are more that a "form vs function" proposition.  Palladian shelves are a superior option to cover your palladium window structurally.  The weight of your blind or shade can be borne not only at the ends but the entire length of the shelf and is inherently more secure than taking top / back mount brackets and end mounting them with angle iron.  Couple that with how it looks, and it's a no brainer to use Palladian shelves to hang your blind or shade in your palladium windows.            

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